EDM Specialties

EDM Specialties

Custom Calibration Standards

Scan Systems™ Corporation’s engineers, experienced in the non-destructive testing field, recognized the need for a better way to introduce artificial flaws into standards for calibrating ultrasonic inspection equipment that would improve quality assurance response.


Scan Systems designed and manufactured the world’s first portable EDM unit (electric discharge machine) specifically designed to introduce artificial flaws in metal products. Since 1985, EDM Specialties™ has been offering our NDE inspection clients the finest quality calibration standards available. With in-house machines and custom facilities, we offer many different services have become a one-stop shop for our clients.


While pipe and tubing is our roots, we have a long list of satisfied clients in aircraft manufacturing, the aerospace industry, the nuclear industry, various military contracts, the defense department, and scores of other industries where quality standards are necessary in order to critically inspect metal products.

Custom Flaws and ARI's


Our experienced and knowledgeable EDM technicians produce custom flaws in a variety of materials and applications on a daily basis. Typically, we provide these services in our state-of-the-art service lab located in Houston, Texas. Since one of the most important features of our patented equipment is its mobility, we are able to provide most of our specialized services at your location.


The individual requirements for calibrations samples within each industry are so widely different from each other that it is difficult for companies to locate that special vendor that not only understands the need for precision calibration flaws, but also is flexible enough to deal with a new challenge each day.

We love challenges and our key success-driver is our flexibility. To some of our technicians, the tougher the set-up is, the better the project. We do a lot of repeat business and have an abundance of experience in routine production standards, but our real strength is tackling the unusual. On any given day our shop could contain a big-gun shell casing from the Navy, a giant turbine blade from a General Electric steam generator, a nuclear reactor stud, or even a child’s swing-set containing issues with its structural tubing.

Specialized Products - The NotchMaster


 In 1985, we conceived, developed, and patented the very first portable EDM unit capable of producing precision calibration flaws in pipe and metal materials. Our equipment was immediately recognized as “THE STANDARD” against which all other products in this arena would be measured… and it continues to be so today.


Within the industry (QA calibration standards), we are the largest manufacturer of portable EDM equipment in the world. Major oil companies and QA engineering groups continually cite our equipment and methods as the very best product available for achieving precise calibration flaws within difficult applications.


Over the years, our engineers and technicians have developed several generations of the original product. We currently offer two individual units to “end users” throughout the world, such as steel mills, processors, NDE laboratories, and various metal manufacturing QA departments

EDM Notchmaster Details