Laser Tally By Tally-Rite

Don't Be Fooled!

Don't be fooled into utilizing off the shelf lasers being sold for OCTG services!

After nearly 2 years of development by the company that standardized the industry with the original Tally-Rite Product Line, Scan Systems is now offering the Laser-Tally product line.


True to Scan Systems’ long-standing history of only releasing the very best technology, extensive research went into the selection of the laser being utilized. While competitors re-package inexpensive lasers designed for household and construction applications, Scan Systems sought out the highest-quality industrial laser available to overcome the challenges we know, first-hand, crews face in the field.


Issues such as ambient and direct light can make reliable measurements nearly impossible outdoors with a mid- or low-end laser. The Laser-Tally’s 40,000 lux laser beam assures good, accurate tallies—even under bright  sun sunlight

High Resolution


Our Laser-Tally system offers 0.1mm of resolution. For our users, this means unmatched repeatability. Achieving the same measurement at the same distance, every time will give you confidence in the tallies as you load the truck or select the string to go downhole. We also know that the speed of the tally-job is of great importance—the faster the tally, the lower your labor costs. Our Laser-Tally system can obtain a new measurement as fast as you pull the trigger With no complicated or cumbersome setup, a two-man crew can tally, total, format, and have documents ready to print for a truckload of tubing (300 joints) in less than 10 minutes.


Top Rate Engineering


In the design process, ergonomics and quick, accurate tallies were the focus. Having taken guidance from top selling firearms manufactures and commercial power tools, the physical design of the tool is light-weight and fits most hand sizes like a glove. Scan Systems Laser-Tally system is faster, safer, and will outperform any competing product. Housed within our ergonomically designed package, our industrial laser is fully encased in metal, both vibration and shock resistant, and offers a 100,000 hour average life, assuring you years of reliable use.


Reflector Technology


Nearly as important as the laser, is the reflector used to send the light waves back to the electronics. Scan Systems’ Laser-Tally utilizes a polarized, diamond grade reflector which provides our customers with greater accuracy, longer range, and no false readings. Our lasers will only read off our diamond-grade reflector—not work trucks, forklifts or other obstacles that can negate the usefulness of other laser systems. Our polarized, diamond grade reflectors will send all the light back (not a portion), every time. This is a critical component to reliable, repeatable pipe tallies.


It's All About Service


Laser-Tally comes with the same great quality, support and service that we have offered our customers for more than 30 years.  With customer satisfaction levels above 99%, our customers continue to see the value, month after month and year after year.

Detailed Specifications

     • Add 120 tallies in 55 seconds

     • Record a joint every 1 1⁄2-2 seconds without

        using a pad and pencil

     • Automatically upload tallies to your computer

      - No need for office personnel to spend 30%

        to 40% of their time manually typing in the


     • Tally a truck-load of tubing (300 joints) in less

        than 10 minutes with only 2 people

     • TR-2000 reduces the crew to only two

        eliminates the calculator, pad, pencil, tally

        tape, and tallies can be uploaded to your

        computer immediately.

     • The tally crews know at all times how many

        feet they have tallied and how many joints

        are in the tally by looking at the readout on

        the data collection screen.

     • WinDump-It is a Windows software designed

       to help you manage your pipe tallies, whether    

       it’s one truck or one purchase order. You can

       create, combine and segregate tally

       information quickly.

     • Fully compatible with TDS®– (Tubular Data

       Systems) a proven, industry standard OCTG

       inventory management system and business

       solution that can streamline your daily


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