The EDM NotchMaster

Why The NotchMaster


Our patented EDM Notch Master® is successful because the process is precisely controlled by a micrometer, rather than relying on guesswork or trial and error. This flexibility allows the size and shape of the flaw to be controlled without limitation. The EDM Notch Master® has the ability to machine ID or OD notches parallel to the axis of the pipe, transverse to the axis of the pipe, or at any angle relative to the axis of the pipe. The notches maintain uniform depth for the entire length of the cut, regardless of the angle. Designed with simplicity in mind the EDM Notch Master® is portable, quiet, and easy to set up. The Notch Master® can be operated with available electric supply or generator. It can be used as a stationary piece of lab equipment or transported around a plant or pipe yard to be used on location.

Whether in the field or inside the plant, the Notch Master® will go where you need it most. Due to its accuracy, precision, dependability, and convenience, the EDM Notch Master® is accepted worldwide as an important tool for quality assurance in the metals industry. Steel mills in the United States, Europe, Central America, South America, and the Far East have committed to the EDM Notch Master®. Your company’s reputation and performance standards are being put to the test. Successful nondestructive testing ensures the most reliable reading that exceeds your customers’ strict tolerance and the industry requirements. Your customer’s quality assurance requires you to deliver only flawless products. It is imperative that you use the best method available to assist you in the indication of flaws during the final inspection of your product runs.

NotchMaster 201M


Our 201M unit is perfect for most applications. This equipment can easily create calibration notches up to 2.00” in length with a full 360 degrees in orientation. Notches and flaws can be placed on flat or curved surfaces, including O.D. or I.D. surface of pipes and tubes. With a lighter power supply, this unit is perfect for calibration notches, small flat bottom holes (up to ½” diameter), light corrosion pitting, and simulated wall reductions up to 1 square inch. Key features: Portable Pneumatic tires 115V or 220V Power Supply Incoming AC Line condition Remote pendant operation 1 Gallon Cutting Oil reservoir Suction and pressure pumps On board tool bin Master and slave cylinders Hand tools and case Precision micrometers for master cylinder operation.

NotchMaster 301MR


This is the perfect choice for heavier wall material. In addition to its ability to manufacture linear, circumferential, and off-axis flaws, the 301MR allows you to work with thicker materials and cut deeper flaws. Tight tolerance notches or up to 4 square inches of rapid metal removal capacity are packaged in a single unit. All types of custom flaws to simulate corrosion, body wear, production irregularities or other flaws indicative to a metal product and use, can be produced. Key features: Portable Pneumatic tires 115V or 220V power supply Incoming AC Line conditioner Remote pendant operation 1 gallon cutting oil reservoir Suction and pressure pumps On board tool bin Master and slave cylinders Hand tools and case Precision micrometers for master cylinder operation Detailed Specifications.


     • Pipe Size OD

     • No Limitation

     • Pipe Size ID

     • 0.75" (19.1mm)

     • ID Notch Distance from Pipe End

     • Up to 108.00" (2.74)

     • Probe Plunge Distance (Depth)

     • Up to .50" (12.7mm)

     • Notch Width

     • From 0.015" (0.381mm) to


     • Notch Angle

           • 0° to 180°

           • Quick detent clicks evere 22.5°

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