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Why Scan Systems PITCO MFL Inspection Equipment?

Our objective is to offer our customers the greatest value available in the market today, and we certainly offer the most advanced technology available for EMI inspection of OCTG material.  The inspection quality driven by the software and electronics of our EMI inspection system, will exceed our competitors in any head to head comparison.  Not only do we offer the most advanced technology available, but we stand behind our equipment with a passion to keep you up and running both now and in the future.  This translates to the service and support that we provide after the sale.

PITCO MFL Inspection Equipment


PITCO™ EMI inspection units are some of the most advanced Magnetic Flux Inspection units in the world. Scan Systems™ has invested an enormous amount of capital dollars, and many man-hours to improve the EMI inspection technology. Unlike our competition that focuses on updating older technologies without innovation, we have focused our resources on pushing our own limits to constantly find ways to improve the EMI technology and capabilities for our clients. We are now at a point that we can accurately tackle the 0.545” inventory, and even up to 0.625” wall pipe, with production speeds up to 200 feet per minute (1 mps).

Digi-Tech Product Lines

• Utilizing state-of-the-art Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Technology, coupled with our unprecedented custom Digital Signal Processing Software, we provide our customers with the most advanced EMI computer-based NDT inspection system available anywhere in the world today for the inspection of OCTG pipe.

• PITCO™’s DIGI-TECH™ “M-Series” four-function EMI (Electro-Magnetic Inspection) unit is specifically designed for high volume, continuous operation. Originally created for Steel Mill applications, our M-Series inspection units are designed for 24/7 operations with low maintenance, and high production.

     • Our DT-2100™ “M-Series” equipment

           features the capacity to inspect oil country

           tubular goods (OCTG) from 2 3/8” (60.3

           mm) plain-end material through 8.00”

           (203.2 mm) plain-end material for

           longitudinal and transverse flaws. This

           includes wall thickness variations using flux

           leakage techniques, and grade comparator

           using eddy current technology.

     • Our DT-3100tm “M-Series” equipment

          features the capacity to inspect oil country

          tubular goods (OCTG) from 4 1/2”

          (114.3mm) plain-end material through

          14.00” (355.6mm).

Service, Service, Service!

• The best service and after sale support offered in the industry today.

• We view our customers as our partners.  If you are successful, then we are successful.

• Our level of services is continually cited by our customers as second to none.

• We offer 24 hour/7 day a week support to our customers

• Our support technicians and managers have over 30 years of experience in the field.

• Since inception, we have been a customer focused company.

• This philosophy will continue to drive our decisions both now and in the future

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