Tally-Rite TR-2000

Why Tally-Rite is the Industry Standard


When Tally-Rite® was conceived, our goal has been to provide our customers with the fastest and easiest way possible to create accurate tallies while eliminating as much of the associated direct labor as possible. At the same time, we wanted to eliminate the majority of human errors while increasing production and profits. We accomplished everything we set out to do!   Today, our patented Tally-Rite® systems are being used in every major oil and gas region in the United States.


Designed for High Traffic Facilities


Tally-Rite® products excel in high traffic facilities. Tally-Rite® customers tally as many as 225 truckloads of material in a day. While these high volume facilities can save tens of thousands of dollars each month by using Tally-Rite® products, the economics are the same for our smaller customers as well. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our customers are smaller operations with only 2-3 truckloads a day and others with only 2 or 3 strings a week.


Applications for OCTG Tally


No matter what your particular application might be, Tally-Rite® has the right solution for your problem. Pipe threaders, processors, truckers, inspection companies, pipe brokers or just anyone that needs to accurately measured pipe can reap the benefits of being a Tally-Rite® use.


Service, Service, Service


Because customer service is such an integral part of our business philosophy, we carry a fleet of loaner products and our own team of on-site technicians. This gives us the ability to provide overnight service to out-of-town customers, and personal pick-up and delivery for the greater-Houston area. No one else in the industry can offer this level of responsiveness and customer satisfaction.


Detailed Specifications


  • Tally-Rite® Features & Specifications
  • Add 120 tallies in 55 seconds
  • Record a joint every 1 1⁄2-2 seconds without using a pad and pencil
  • Automatically upload tallies to your computer - No need for office personnel to spend 30% to 40% of their time manually typing and adding up pipe tallies.
  • Tally a truck-load of tubing (300 joints) in less than 10 minutes with only 2 people
  • Tally-Rite products will reduce your crew to only two people, eliminate  calculators, paper pads, pencils, and even the physical tally tape, plus all your tallies can be uploaded to your computer for storage and printing.
  • The tally crews know at all times how many feet they have tallied and how many joints are in the tally by looking at the readout on the data collection screen.
  • WinDump-It is a Windows software designed to help you manage your pipe tallies, whether it’s one truck or one purchase order. You can create, combine and segregate tally information quickly.
  • TDS – Tubular Data Systems is a proven OCTG inventory management system and business solution that can streamline your daily operation


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Laser-Tally Specifications

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