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A Costly Service without Tally-Rite


Pipe tallies are one of the most costly, and if they are incorrect, one of the most damaging of all services you provide for your customer (and usually for FREE!),. Since 1987, we have been committed to furnishing our customers with the most convenient and efficient means in the industry to tally OCTG products.


Automated Pipe Tallies with Tally-Rite


Conventional pipe tallies require at least 3 direct laborers, a collection of office personnel recruited for the addition of the paperwork, and a group of onlookers and chatty visitors that usually assemble extending the total time required for the job.  The expense of these additional “hidden”, Intrinsic man hours can actually add 3-5 man-hours to any given pipe tally.  When the process is finally completed, the final document – your pipe tally – is delivered to your customer.  This is likely one of the few things he gets to touch and feel when evaluating your operation. Just think of the impression when they receive your tally sheet… is it wrinkled, dirty, smudged, or worst of all is it incorrectly totaled!


When Tally-Rite® was conceived, the goal was to provide our customers with the fastest and easiest way possible to create accurate tallies while eliminating as much of the associated direct labor as possible, while at the same time eliminating the majority of human errors and increasing production and profits.


Only System Available with full TDS Integration


TDS® (Tubular Data Systems) is the most unique piece of OCTG management software in the industry. TDS® is a specialty inventory control and “business process software” for the storage, handling, inspection, threading and reporting of OCTG materials. The reason this software has become the industry standard is due to it being developed by people who have actually been responsible for the day-to-day operations of pipe yards and service companies—not administrative personnel, or departments that are disconnected from the actual operations department. TDS® products are built “FOR pipe people, BY pipe people.”  With the addition of the Tally-Rite product line, yard efficiencies will be unmatched!


Laser-Tally Measuring System

The newly released laser tally system for OCTG - Click below for product details.

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Laser-Tally By Tally-Rite

Tally-Rite TR-2000

Tally-Rite TR-2000 Measuring System


The industry standard for OCTG tallies - Click below for product details