TDS Inventory Module

Work Order Module

TDS Web Interface

• TDS Inventory Module

Complex and sophisticated enough to deal with the every changing descriptions and locations of OCTG inventory, yet simple and intuitive enough for the first time yard personnel to operate in a manner that keeps your inventory correct and accounted for!

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• Work Order Module

Keeping track of pipe on the ground is complicated enough, but our business becomes more complex for the service companies. An efficient operation must not only keep track of the pipe on the ground, but must also know the amount of pipe yet to be received for that purchase order issued from their clients.

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• Billing Module

The billing module will truly take the headache out of creating the service invoices for your customers. As all the information is gathered from the work order created, a proper and correct invoice can be issued in seconds. Line item discounts can be accommodated, along with...

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• TDS Web Interface

In the current day and age, easy and quick access to information is key.  With the TDS Web Interface, your customers will be able to access the necessary and detailed information about their inventory in your facility.

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TDS Billing Module

Billing Module Overview


The TDS billing module will truly take the headache out of creating service invoices for your customers. As the information from the work order is created and gathered, you are then able to issue proper and correct invoices in seconds. Line item discounts can be accommodated, along with customer based discounts that will automatically be calculated when generating an invoice for those key customers.


If your company, like us, operates in a ‘Trust, but verify” philosophy, Tubular Data Systems has an integrated invoice approval method that will allow up to four different verification levels.


The price book feature will offer your company the option to create a price book for each service, with an option for different rates based on regular hours, overtime hours, or holidays. We handle tax calculations as well! We all know land is not cheap, so our billing module will allow for the creation of storage invoices for the completed pipe on the ground. With just a few clicks of a mouse, those storage invoices are calculated and generated by pulling data from both the inventory and work order modules. Want to keep track of the revenue generated from each profit center? Tubular Data Systems Billing Module will track and report on the service area profitability as well. We can even monitor credit risk for each of your customers.


Additional Revenue

        • TDS is constantly looking for opportunities to create an invoice

        • Every transaction is a candidate for an invoice

        • Added revenues from shipping and receiving transactions.

        • Additional revenues from inventory movements

        • Additional revenues from inventory storage - Yes we can automate that!

Ease of Management and Oversight

       • All services offered contained in price book tables

       • Initial invoice generation and pricing does not require management’s attention.

      • Management can approve all invoices "electronically" and forward them to

         clerical help for final printing and package assembly.

      • Invoices can be transmitted electronically to accounts receivable

      • Fewer errors in data entry.

      • Increased efficiencies within the accounting department.

      • Invoices are in the system faster than other means.

      • "Float" time is reduced on all revenue