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TDS - Inventory Module


Complex and sophisticated enough to deal with the every changing descriptions and locations of OCTG inventory, yet simple and intuitive enough for the first time yard personnel to operate in a manner that keeps your inventory correct and accounted for!


The business process that Tubular Data Systems offers is almost like having an OCTG inventory consultant on staff. The Tubular Data Systems Inventory Module was not designed just to track the numbers, but instead was designed to help implement the proper flow of an OCTG at a storage or service facility.

Included with the virtual consultant, is an inventory control system that addresses most every need for those in our niche industry.

Inventory Business Process Solution


•  TDS actually controls the inventory and its

    activity, not merely reports on what someone

     has done

•  All inventory is serialized with a material ID

   number upon entering the facility/system

    and will be tracked from birth to grave

•  A simple unique authorization and validation

   system allows TDS to be in control

    Human error is limited

•  A closed end audit trail of every transaction is

   maintained permanently in TDS

   (much like a double entry accounting system)

•  Inventory movements can be re-created months

   and years from now to investigate


•  No permanent transactions can be edited

   without creating another transaction, thereby

    leaving another trail for auditing purposes.


Rack Management


•  TDS will assist in selecting the proper racks for

    the storage of various materials.

•  Locate empty racks

•  Consolidate by same material ID

•  Consolidate by customer

•  Consolidate by material description


Track Inventory for All Interested Parties


•  Locate material for the supplier and the end

    user with equal ease

•  Material is always received into the material

    owner’s inventory automatically

•  Paper material transfers can be done with a

   click of the mouse

•  TDS can produce all documents and email them

    directly from inside the system without

    ever having to print them or copy them, or manually handle them

•  Shipping, receiving and tally reports can be

   immediately emailed to suppliers and end

    users upon validation of the receipt or shipment

    of material

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