TDS-Tubular Data Systems

TDS Overview


Tubular Data Systems is the most unique piece of OCTG management software in the industry!

TDS® (Tubular Data Systems) is a specialty inventory control and “business process software” for the storage, handling, inspection, and reporting of OCTG (oil country tubular goods) materials, designed specifically for the oil and gas industry.


Described by clients and evaluators as “the most feature laden product they have ever seen,” TDS® is different than other software products because it was developed by pipe people and not by administrative personnel. Our people have actually been responsible for the day-to-day operations of pipe yards and service companies. The point is, you don’t have to teach us the business. TDS® products are built “FOR pipe people, BY pipe people.”


Scan Systems consistently invests in R&D to ensure continuous module development for their industry leading software to address customer’s needs as they arise. The inspection work order module and billing modules are the latest responses to these needs. The latest features include:

•  A web app that allows customers to log in from anywhere to check the  current status of good inventory ready for shipping to the well site

•  Real-time tracking of OCTG inventory movement and changes that have taken place

•  Track work order progress and pipe status

•  Create invoices from completed work orders

•  Create invoices for shipping and receiving transactions

•  Create shipping and receiving documentation

•  Extensive filtering and reporting capabilities

•  Availability throughout the United States and Canada

•  What started years ago as an OCTG inventory control software for our own pipe yards, has progressed to multiple modules that tie to inventory allowing for creation of work orders, and billing of those work orders as they come to completion.

As the OCTG Inventory Control

software vendor of choice for both

large public corporations, private

all over the patch, our team has

proven to be a reliable, dedicated

partner to the industry.

TDS Web Interface

Billing Module

Work Order Module

TDS-Inventory Module