Increase Customer Satisfaction


In the current day and age, easy and quick access to information is key.  With the TDS Web Interface, your customers will be able to access the necessary and detailed information about their inventory in your facility.

Key Access Points

     • Customer can access all inventory records

       without assistance.

     • Customer can access nearly all TTDS report


     • Shipping Reports

     • Receiving Reports

     • Tally Reports

     • Inventory Reports

     • Inspection Reports

     • Reconciliation Reports

     • And nMore

     • The TDS Web Interface allows customers to

        have access to 100% of all the data that

        pertains to them

     • Extensive filters to assist in finding the

       information needed:

        - Size

        - Weight

        - Grade

        - Thread

        - Connection

        - Complete and available pipe

        - And More

Global Access Available

Your customers will be able to access inventories in any yard that has TDS with the Web Application.  This can eliminate the need for the end users taking on the time consuming task of contacting each facility to build a string.

TDS Web Interface

Workorder Module

Inventory Module

TDS Web Interface