Total Work Order Control


Keeping track of pipe on the ground is complicated enough, but our business becomes more complex for the service companies. Our customers deserve and need the ability to track the current status and location of OCTG tubing and casing at every step of the process: from receiving into the yard, movements to a service facility, and ultimately to a storage rack waiting to ship.


An efficient operation must not only keep track of the pipe on the ground, but must also know the amount of pipe yet to be received for that purchase order issued from their clients. Such an operation would also need to keep close tabs on how much of that order is in process, complete, or waiting to be serviced. The Tubular Data Systems Work Order Module allows our customers to get real-time information on the status of each work order entered into the system.


The work order creation process is quick and designed specifically around OCTG services

you are able to:

     • Add work order items (pipe) through a

          customizable drop-down description for

          the pipe expected to arrive in the facility

     • Define the orders by footage or joint count

     • Add the services offered by your facility

          and requested by your client to the order

     • Have a standard package or group of

          services that is regularly offered by your


     • Define your acceptance criteria

     • Log-in from anywhere to check the current

         t status of good inventory ready for shipping

           to the well site

We have also made this process as efficient

as possible through the creation of service groups

for added flexibility. With TDS, your employees

are ready to go to work on what really



As Scan Systems Corporation was born out of the

inspection world, we are well in tune with the

reporting requirements of your customers.

With an array of reports from work order

summary reports, defect reports, production

and reports, Tubular Data Systems has you


        • TDS monitors every detail of the material

           description (material description on

           the order must match the received


       • When material is received different from the

          ordered material TDS prompts the user to

          make corrections.

       • Eliminates errors in the beginning of an


       • Problems can be resolved with very little

         effort on any one's part.

       • Actions taken are backed up with

         supporting paper work.

       • Saves thousands of dollars by preventing

         the processing of the wrong material.

       • DS knows the condition of material moved

         from the service centers.

Everything You Need to Know About Work in Process

       • Has the material arrived in the yard yet?

       • Is it being processed yet?

       • Which process plant is working this order?

       • What services are being performed on the material?

       • Has any of the order finished yet?

       • What racks are the pipe for this work order located on?

       • How much good footage does the order currently have?

Order Entry Requires All

Information for Work Order

       • Important information is not omitted

       • Information to complete an order is sought

         out early so as not to delay completion

         and invoicing

       • Many assumed answers are eliminated

         (no guess work allowed)

       • Operation personnel have all the

         information they need to do their job

       • With all the information entered on the front

          end of the order, service results and

          invoices happen within minutes of the last

          joint being processed

TDS Web Interface

Billing Module

Inventory Module

TDS Work Order Module