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    Tubular Data Systems® is a specialty inventory control and business process software for the storage, handling, inspection, and reporting of OCTG materials, designed specifically to serve the niche markets of OCTG manufactures, processors, service companies, storage and inspection facilities. TDS products are designed for pipe people, by pipe people.

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    Since 1988, we’ve been committed to furnishing our customers with the most convenient and efficient means in the industry to tally OCTG products. Since Tally-Rite® was conceived, our goal has been to provide our customers with the fastest and easiest way possible to create accurate tallies while eliminating as much of the associated direct labor as possible.

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  • EDM

    Since 1985, our EDM SpecialtiesTM division has been offering our NDE inspection clients the finest quality calibration standards available.With the creation of our EDM Notch Master, the world’s first portable EDM unit designed to create precision flaws in both the ID and OD surfaces of pipe and other ferrous materials, along with other in-house machines and custom facilities, the products and services that we offer we offer for precision flaw creation is second to none.

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    Scan Systems, a truly unique company dedicated to serving the niche markets of the world’s OCTG manufactures, processors and inspection facilities as well as others in Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) disciplines. Each of our four divisions operates with a passion and dedication to applying our research, development and expertise to advancing our industry with superior technology.

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    Scan Systems PITCO™ division will offers industry changing EMI inspection products, 24/7 service and support for MFL inspection equipment, as well as a huge inventory of parts and NDE related products.

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Formed in the 1980s to create products for the pipe and metal industries, Scan Systems™ has grown from its early days of manufacturing OCTG pipe inspection equipment to offering a large array of products and services. Our team members include executives from the pipe inspection industry, engineers from all disciplines specializing in non-destructive testing, software designers with pipe management experience, and manufacturing technicians who have years of extensive experience with hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical systems.

Our Divisions

PITCO™ – Provides cutting-edge technologies employed in a proprietary line of newly manufactured MFL pipe inspection equipment.

Tally-Rite™ -Offers automated pipe tally solutions for your incoming and outgoing pipe tally needs.

EDM Specialties™ – EDM manufactures electrical discharge machines and a service department that create precision calibration flaws (notches, wall reductions, etc.) in test pieces.

TDS™ – Tubular Data Systems has created a software that has become the industry standard to help manage inventory of OCTG material.  With a full staff of software developers and in house testing personnel, TDS™ will continue to develop solutions focused on our industry’s most challenging needs.


Scan Systems’ OCTG Insider: Summer 2015 Publication

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